An illustration for a class about how I would die…

apparently its by going camping and then lying down in the grass and then dying

doodling cubism-inspired drawings in my sketchbook while studying cubism in my art history class

So I really love Julianna Brion’s Sketchbooks and wanted to give it a try. So i headed down to the Book Thing of Baltimore and picked up this book to try out as a sketchbook. Its pretty relaxing and fun to paint in because I feel like there’s no pressure to not waste a page.

A little postcard design

A patch design for nessiepress’ monsters of the deep kickstarter

An illustration about the Cub’s curse of the billy goat

Taking an art history midterm today…

an illustration for the short story the Wooden Star by Marcel Schwob

Had a grapefruit for breakfast, worked hard at panera, took a midterm, and am feeling pretty happy, which is good

went to the national gallery and the American art museum yesterday and got to see some great art!